The unprecedented rise of global urban poverty is a pressing issue facing development scholars and practitioners alike. The deplorable conditions in crowded slums are a unique context for development practitioners, policy makers, and urban planners, with new and particular challenges to overcome. How does the urban slum context complicate or simplify development programs’ attempts to achieve development outcomes, especially as outlined in Sustainable Development Goal #11? What needs to be done to mitigate the overwhelming problems of inadequate shelter and poor sanitation in urban slums? Most importantly, how can cities in the Global South continue to develop in ways that protect its most vulnerable citizens from the conditions in urban slums that seem to only mount their poverty? These are pressing questions whose answers have far-reaching implications into the lives of billions of city dwellers worldwide.



Guo Chen, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Michigan State University

Richard Stren, Emeritus Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto

Achilles Kallergis, Research Scholar, NYU Urban Expansion Program