The international movement of goods and commercial activity is governed by a rich body of private and public international law. With a focus on reducing barriers to commerce, this body of laws has largely overlooked the effects of increasing international commerce on the environment. Increasingly, international development treaties have been centered around the principle of sustainability, the ability to develop without reducing the ability of future generations to do so as well. As action to mitigate climate change increases in urgency and necessity, reforms to the governance of international trade and commerce are required in order to implement the necessary policies to mitigate climate change. In Legalizing Sustainable Business, the IDC 2017 will gage the principle of sustainability in the governance of international trade, and potential improvements to the governance of international commerce that could further integrate environmental protection in international commerce.


Freedom-kai Phillips - Research Associate, Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)

Professor Sara Seck - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Western University

Connor Todd - Senior Strategy and Innovation Officer, Centre for International Sustainable Development Law