Germán Andres Guberman Diaz

Germán Andres Guberman is a third year student pursuing a double major in International Development Studies and Public Policy. Following his undergraduate degree, his goal is to attend law school and practice in the area of international economic and commercial law, litigate at the World Trade Organization and help draft fair trade policy.


Judy Perpose

Judy Perpose is a second year student working towards a double major in Public Policy and Global Asia Studies. She has previously served as the Marketing Director for the International Development Conference 2016 and is excited to be one of the co-chair's for the 2017 conference. She is deeply inspired by the students and faculty of the International Development Program who actively respond to the inequities of this century through their research and activism. 


tanzeel fatima

Tanzeel Fatima is a fourth year student, completing her double major in International Development Studies and Political Science, with a minor in Public Law. Her interest in development lies in political economy. She enjoys being involved in her community and has been involved with a number of organizations in her community, including the Canadian cancer society, Red Cross Canada, AIESEC Toronto, International Development Studies Student Assosciation, and the International Development Conference.