IDC Poster Fair

The IDC 2018 is accepting submissions for this year’s student research poster fair to showcase the research interests and experiences of undergraduate students. Students will be given the chance to develop and present a research poster to showcase their recent research in the fields of international development, political science, health studies, environmental sciences, economics, sociology, and other related academic fields! This year’s conference will take place on Saturday February 10, 2018.

This event is designed to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their research experiences with their peers and fellow academics, develop presentation skills, and to network with students and professionals alike at the Conference.

No more than 10 submissions will be accepted to feature in the IDC Student Research Poster Fair. Selected candidates will be provided a free ticket to the IDC and the chance to win cash prizes (amount to be determined) .

  • Poster printing and printing costs will be covered by the IDC for selected candidates.
  • Please send submissions with all required information attached to: with the subject line: Student Research Poster Fair 2018 - Last Name, First Name.
  • For questions regarding the application procedure please contact

For examples of student research posters, please see below:


Further Application Details

Eligibility: Candidates must be an undergraduate student currently enrolled in a relevant academic discipline. Candidates must have at least primary results and/or ready to publicly present their findings. Research must be relevant to one of the four thematic discussions, overall conference theme, international development, political science, migration/diaspora studies, activism, sociology.

Criteria: The panel of judges will evaluate each poster presentation based on students’ presentation of their work, based on the evaluation criteria: content; accuracy; aesthetic; references; clarity; and grammar. Students should be prepared to explain their poster to a judge who is not familiar with their field and equally to one who may be an expert. Please refer to the judging rubric attached here for more information.

Application Process: In their email, students must submit an online poster proposal submission that includes: 

  • A short description of their topic (250-300 words), and EITHER:
  • A brief proposal (250-300 words) of their research, OR
  • A reference letter/approval from a faculty member (please see attached document here)

Selected candidates will receive an email confirming their participation in the fair, and are then to send a final copy of their poster for printing by no later than January 30th, 2018. All printing and printing costs will be covered by the IDC. However, students will be responsible for their own transportation costs during the conference.