Student Exposure and Networking Opportunities

As a sponsor, you will be participating in an engaging, educational experience, while establishing a relationship with the students at the University of Toronto. Booths and passes will be provided to help organizations establish a platform for interaction with students from various disciplines. In addition, logo promotion on a wide range of paper and digital media will also ensure exposure to students and the wider community, including some of the university's partner organizations.

Brand Image and Public Relations

This is a valuable opportunity to build your image by promoting corporate social responsibility, as we not only educate, but run the conference according to environmentally sustainable guidelines. We believe that your organization has contributed to the student community by providing a meaningful contribution to the educational experience. Our rapidly changing world is showing a growing demand for more socially conscious organizations and institutions that support and engage initiatives such as the International Development Conference. 


Human Capital


Community Impact


Partnering with us will facilitate the education of the future graduates, associates, and/or employees of your institution. It is an investment in a new generation of intelligent, passionate, and effective human capital, committed to finding solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems.


Strengthening the relationship between your institution or organization and our conference will provide the opportunity for students highly interested in community engagement since many of our students that are drawn to the conference are also highly active both within and outside of campus grounds. It may give them the chance to volunteer with projects promoted by your organization and, in turn, build your presence within the community. 

Interested in sponsoring or partnering with the International Development Conference 2018. Send us an e-mail at, we will be in touch with you soon.