International Development Conference 2019

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What are the “Currents” in Development?

To dive into the ‘currents’ of development- that is, to explore the contemporary streams within international development- one must first understand the field’s active nature. In an ever-changing global landscape, development responses are continuously shaped by economic systems, political conflict, environmental crisis, sociocultural issues. We are not only witness to these changes on the development field, but also to the recurrence, resurgence, and exacerbation of these issues. Why are these issues continuing to recur? It is key to understand which ongoing development responses are working, and which are failing, and most importantly, why?


As development students, we are also called to continually unpack the current pathways of development action, actors, and institutions using a critical lens.


As with our Conferences of the past, we aim to foster an environment of discussion, empowerment and action in order to zone in on discussions innovative and creative approaches to address these current issues. Much of the discourse in development is reproduced and mirrored onto contemporary issues, a habit which holds the threat of evoking recurrent outcomes.

How can we learn from the societal strife, contentious politics, and development failures of the past to reorient ourselves in the development field? Where can those in positions of privilege and power go, making use of the resources and knowledge made available to them? IDC 2019 intends to disturb the waves of development ‘as it is done today’ by challenging the present ways of development and looking into how they can change in the future. If we do not begin to look into the future ways of development, will it be too late to provide sustainable solutions?

With such a powerful theme, our program for the conference will explore a variety of ‘current,’ dynamic topics, such as from development in conflict zones to the state of water security in times of climate change. We will also be discussing the ways in which current forms of development has seen such rising mobilisation and spirit of community development while stimulating a dynamic exchange and dialogue about the future of development.

With IDC 2019, our main goal is to empower attendees to leave the conference with a substantial and inspired outlook at development in terms of being able to address solutions and be motivated to develop and advocate for innovative solutions.

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Conference Location

MW Building

University of Toronto, Scarborough

1265 Military Trail
Toronto, ON, M1C 1A


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