Activism 101 with Amnesty International


Amnesty International

Amnesty International (AI) is the largest Human Rights organization in the world. There are members in almost every country on the planet! This workshop explores the various parts of AI: research, report writing, publicizing, and engagement through letter writing, rallying, creative expression, and more. We will visit a mine in Guatemala, court cases in Canada, and look at what AI can and cannot do to bring about change. To clarify these ideas, we’ll use a current campaign, Open for Justice, as our main focus. Come prepared to participate, share your thoughts, write a letter or create a petition. Our goal is to promote vibrant discussion, ensure a clear understanding of what AI does, and to facilitate an experience of what thousands of members do regularly as we advocate for human rights around the world.

Ethical Photography

A Developing Story: Exploring Responsible Journalism : With a particular focus on the field of international development and humanitarian work, this gallery will explore journalistic framing of historical events, world issues, culture, and the lives of people around the world. The goal of the workshop is to raise questions and foster discussion about how topics like poverty, civil war, and diaspora are presented in mainstream media and how their portrayal influences the way we think about such issues.


Ian Willms

Ian Willms photographs the marks left upon communities by the passage of time and the intimacies of inevitable compromise. He communicates the emotional environment surrounding his subjects through an immersive and lyrical approach to any subject matter. Based in Toronto, Willms is a founding member of Boreal Collective and is represented commercially by NAMARA. He has carried out assignments internationally, contributing to The New York Times, The International New York Times, Harper’s, TIME, The New Yorker, The Guardian Magazine and The Globe and Mail, among others. Willms holds an Honours Diploma in Photojournalism, previously worked as a contract photographer at The Toronto Star and completed the Reportage by Getty Images Emerging Talent mentorship.

Marta Iwanek


Marta Iwanek is a Toronto-based photojournalist, a graduate of the journalism program at Ryerson University and the photojournalism program at Loyalist College. Her work has appeared in publications such as The Canadian Press, the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Maclean's, CTV's Kevin Newman Live, Maisonneuve and the Waterloo Region Record. She is interested in exploring subjects that deal with how we care for one another in the communities we build - what we gain from this and what happens when it is lost. Born to parents who were immigrants to Canada, community has played a strong role in her life.

Grant Writing

Grant and proposal writing is a skill that is used in various academic and professional settings. Come learn from professionals in the non-profit, business and academic communities who have a wealth of experience writing, reviewing and consulting on grant writing. You will have the opportunity to learn about the best practices in the field and work on your writing skills that are targeted specifically to crafting effective grant applications, proposals and program design.


Rohit Mehta @Rohitdogood

Rohit Mehta is a lifelong Mississauga resident. Specializing in fundraising, he has served on the Grant Review Team of the Ontario Trillium Foundation for five years, and has been a professional grant writer, worked in donor relations, and sponsorship. He is a member of the Association for Fundraising Professionals.

Beverley Rodrigues

Beverley Rodrigues has expertly combined her more than twenty years of working in development banking, international development and training to consulting. She has worked in development in South America, the Caribbean, Ghana and Swaziland to deliver capacity building solutions to governments, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and SMEs. Beverley is passionate about the advancement of women and has designed academic and community programs that lead to economic opportunities for women.

With Program Design and Grant Writing being key elements in her service delivery, Beverley has a proven track record of many winning grant proposals. Beverley is accredited Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) by the Institute of Performance and Learning, Toronto Canada 2012. She holds a Masters in Agricultural Economics from the Hugo Kollataj Agricultural University, Krakow, Poland 1991.

Maliha Hasan


Miliha Hasan is the Grants & Sponsorship Officer in the Office of Student Affairs and Services at University of Toronto Scarborough. She has over 10 years of experience working in different capacities across the fields of education, vocational training, financial inclusion, sport for development, violence against women, and maternal health. Some of the organizations she has been involved with include The Citizens Foundation, British Council, Asian Development Bank, United Nations Development Program, and the Aboriginal Sport and Wellness Council of Ontario. Maliha is a member of the Association for Women's Rights in Development, and serves on the Board of Directors for Sandgate Women's Shelter of York Region.

Coin Talk

Featuring a collection of over 2500 individual coins and bills from over 80 countries, we will explore the inscribed cultural, political, and economic histories on international currencies. By seeing money through this lense, we can trace the evolution of economies and national attitudes of the people and governments as they have evolved over time.

Facilitator(s): Emily Gilbert


Her current research revolves around issues related to citizenship, borders, security, economy, nation-states and globalization. She is particularly interested in the ways that North American geopolitical relations are being reshaped, and how the idea of risk—both economic and social—has been used to discipline behaviour and promote new forms of citizenship. This work also considers the securitization of the region, with a focus on changing border practices and policies. Another aspect of my research addresses the social, cultural and political dimensions of money, from the cultural values inscribed on national currencies, to the proposals for a North American Monetary Union, to general theories of money and exchange. While much of the above work interrogates the concept of the nation-state, she also continue to be fascinated by visual and literary representations, and have examined urban and wilderness narratives with a special emphasis on Canadian national identity and belonging.


RUNNING ON EMPTY is the story of a natural disaster and how Californians are responding as they face a water level that is dropping to zero. Suddenly, hard questions are being asked. Where did all the water go?  Whose fault is it? And what needs to change to save California from itself? RUNNING ON EMPTY, and its host Canadian scientist Nick Eyles, take a road trip to examine how California drained its oasis dry and ignored decades of accepted water wisdom. Now, the state is facing a stark, new reality - there simply isn’t enough water to go around.

Facilitator(s): Dr. Nick Eyles


Nick Eyles P. Geo holds a Ph.D (East Anglia) and D.Sc. (Leicester) and is Professor of Geology at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) where he has taught for more than 33 years. His prime research interest is in glacial sedimentology and has over 30 years’ experience of field work on modern glaciers and ice sheets from Antarctica to the Arctic. He has worked at the universities of Leicester, Newcastle upon Tyne and East Anglia in Great Britain, at Memorial University in Newfoundland and has been at Toronto since 1981 when he was awarded a prestigious NSERC University Research Fellowship. He has authored more than 150 publications in leading scientific journals on ice age geology and environmental geology and has worked with the International Ocean Drilling Program on board the drillship Resolution. Recent research sabbaticals have been held in Brazil, Australia and Italy. He has been awarded the Award of Merit by the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario, McNeil Medal of the Royal Society, and the Geosciences in the Media Award from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Social Innovation

Social Innovation is a growing field that applies creative and sustainable solutions to pressing social problems. Within this workshop you will have the opportunity to connect and engage with groups in the Toronto area who are currently working on social innovation projects and entrepreneurship. Join us in listening to the insight and advice that these exciting professionals have to share, and learn more about the innovative projects that are being implemented in Toronto.


Alexandra Rodney @Ali_Rodney

Ali is a PhD student at the Department of Sociology, University of Toronto. Her dissertation work looks at the production and reception of healthy living media for women. She works as an Operations Team Leader for the Innovation Huba project run by the Division of Student Life at the University of Toronto that seeks to design a better experience for students using a design thinking approach.


Kevin Vuong @VuongKevin

Kevin Vuong is the Executive Director of the Agency for Public and Social Innovation. He is a connector, city-builder, and military officer working to build a stronger, more resilient and prosperous Canada where no one is left behind.

For his work as a community leader, Kevin has been named one of:
- Her Majesty The Queen’s Young Leaders; 
- Canada's Top 30 Under 30; 
- Ashoka's 100 global Emerging Innovators; and
- FCM's Canada 150 Community Leader.

Winner of the Robert G. Siskind Entrepreneurial Medal at the Ivey School of Business, Kevin was awarded a Harvard Kennedy School of Government Executive Education Fellowship in 2016 to take part in HKS’ Emerging Leaders program; and joined the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto as a 2017 candidate for the executive-level Global Professional Masters of Law, focusing on public-private partnerships, CSR, and social regulation. 

Most recently, he was appointed a CJPAC Fellow; a Public Fellow as a leading Canadian thinker under 35 for the 2016 Spur Festival; and delivered a Walrus Talk on Social Innovation - Innovating Procurement for Social Impact. 

Lia Milito @liabadia

Lia Milito is an urban planner working at the intersection of government, technology, and community. As Chair of Civic Tech Toronto's steering committee and Program Manager at Urban+Digital, a civic tech nonprofit, she works to help public servants and residents use technology and human-centred design to make life better for Canadians

 Trade Fair Exhibitors

International Development and Relief Foundation

IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation) is a Canadian registered charitable organization dedicated to empowering the disadvantaged people of the world. IDRF provides effective humanitarian aid and sustainable development programs, without discrimination, based on the Islamic principles of human dignity, self-reliance, and social justice.

Mennonite Central Committee

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is a charitable organization that partners with churches and community organizations worldwide to walk with people who are disadvantaged. We work in partnership in order to meet local needs with local solutions. MCC supports activities in the areas of relief, development and peacebuilding that provide emergency assistance, reduce poverty, and promote healthy communities, sustainable living and alternatives to violence.  It is a ministry of Anabaptist churches in Canada and the U.S. which includes Mennonites and Brethren in Christ denominations.

Compassion Canada

As one of the world’s leading child development organizations, Compassion partners with the local church in 26 countries to end poverty in the lives of children and their families. Today, more than 1.7 million children and their families are discovering lives full of promise and purpose as they develop in all aspects of their lives – minds, bodies and relationships – while discovering God’s love for them in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fair Trade Toronto

Fair Trade Toronto (FTT) is an independent, volunteer based organization. We promote Fair Trade in the City of Toronto and unify the Fair Trade community in the GTA to increase public awareness. We are also part of a greater Fair Trade organization (Fair Trade Canada) that allows us to connect with the national and international community.

Results Canada

RESULTS Canada is a global movement of passionate citizens, committed to raising our voices for a world without extreme poverty. We combine the voices of our grassroots advocates with strategic advocacy efforts to leverage millions of dollars for programs and improved policies that give the world’s poorest people the health, education, and opportunity they need to thrive.


International Development students are unique: their daily studies are, in base form, explorations of the most daunting challenges the world has ever faced. The questions faced by these individuals are immense; their ability to find answers to them will be pivotal. Entirely student-run, The Undercurrent exists to help Canadian students find those answers. Our flagship peer-reviewed journal publishes the best of undergraduate student writing, and publicizes the student perspective for the academic and practitioner communities; an annual development student conference, InSight, offers an organized context for students from across the country to engage the Canadian International Development community; an online forum in development will provide the only platform of its kind for students, academics and professionals to relate around their common eclectic experience. By connecting students across the country with each other and with the wider international development community, The Undercurrent seeks to create a new, socially integrated model of Canadian international development education.

International Students Centre, University of Toronto Scarborough

The International Student Centre at UTSC will be promoting student opportunities for international internships.


Hearty Catering

Hearty Catering has been "green" from our beginnings; our use of locally grown and organic food is a major component in creating our delicious cuisine. We are proud to feature the wholesome bounty of local farmers and producers in all our menus. By doing so, we have proven that delicious flavours and good nutrition result from a commitment to supporting local producers and a sustainable food chain. We choose local, organic, seasonal produce whenever possible. We adhere to a code of preparing only naturally and sustainably-raised meats and sourced seafoods. We select our ingredients from local farms and suppliers who emphasize organic and sustainable offerings. Our business practices have been affirmed by our certifications by the Coalition for Canadian Farm Animals, Local Food Plus, and Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Food Service (Level II) and the Ontario Culinary Tourist Association's Feast ON program. Our commitment is to offer nourishing, delicious cuisine that contributes to sustainable food systems and healthy communities.

Equity and Diversity Office

In cooperation with its campus partners, the EDO promotes an equitable and inclusive campus community, free from discrimination or harassment based on age, disability, race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, marital status, and / or record of offences.

Aga Khan

Established in 1980, AKFC is a registered Canadian charity and an agency of the worldwide Aga Khan Development Network, a group of development agencies with individual mandates that address social, economic and cultural dimensions of development. Active in 30 countries, these agencies share a mission to improve living conditions and opportunities for the poor, without regard to their faith, origin or gender.

Participatory Programming

Student Research Posters: Saturday Feb 11

The IDC 2017 is accepting submissions for this year's student research poster fair to showcase the research interests and experiences of undergraduate students. Students will be given the chance to develop and present a research poster to showcase their recent research in the fields of international development and the social sciences, environmental sciences, economics, political sciences, and more!

The research posters will be presented to students, and judges who will judge based on a set criteria we have put out. We hope to showcase 15 undergraduate students’ research at this poster fair, and reward the top three.

Speed Networking

International Development Conference (IDC) Speed Networking- in partnership with the Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC)

In partnership with OCIC, IDC Development Drinks will give delegates the opportunity to network with speakers and other special guests in a more intimate space. The first hour will consist of a facilitated networking session (speed-dating style), while the second hour will consist of performances, and freestyle mix and mingling. There will be an array of appetizers and non-alcoholic "mocktails". IDC Speed Networking is happening Sat, Feb. 11, 6-8 PM in the Environmental and Chemistry Building Atrium at University of Toronto Scarborough.